Author: kekynett

The Last Supper


This is the famous painting called “The Last Supper” by Leonardo Da Vinci.  This picture represents the reaction of the Apostles when Jesus told them all that one of them would betray him and also represents Jesus’ last meal, hence the title, “The Last Supper”.  I chose this painting because a lot of people know what it is and how popular this painting is.  This painting is not protected under copyright laws in the US or in Italy, where it is now.  It was produced before the copyright laws were introduced, so therefore, it is not protected under them.  Due to the lack of a copyright, this painting has been changed and manipulated many times into things such as advertisements for movies, greeting cards and funny images to give people a good laugh.  This painting has been mass reproduced and is one of the most well known images in the world.  Some of the reproductions are just clarified and almost high definition versions of the original, as well as pain replicas of the original. while others have almost nothing to do with the original image. I have never seen any political use of this painting, and I do not think that it could really relate to politics very much due to the fact that the painting is a symbol of religion and not anything government or politics related.


Masculine/Feminine Advertisement

gaze picture

I’m not very familiar with the company that put this advertisement out, but it caught my eye in a major way when I was scrolling through Google Images.  It caught my eye because of the gender roles in the picture and the focus specifically on the power of both genders.  I think that gaze is the best term to use to describe this photo.  Gaze talks about power and focuses specifically on opposites like male/female, black/white, ect. as stated in the book.  There is a defined line of power in this picture.  First of all the way the two people are positioned says a lot.  The woman is higher up on a platform and standing straight up, with her hand on her hip which gives here somewhat of a “cocky” look to her, while the man is down on his knees and almost looks like he’s begging.  The next symbol of power is suggested by the sign the woman is holding up that says “sold” on it.  This in a way, could almost reverse the power role because that sign implies that she can be “bought” which signifies that she doesn’t have much control or power over who or what “buys” or wins her over.  In another way, it can be viewed as the guy was not good enough to win her over and that symbolizes a loss of power.  The spectatorship in this picture I think is directed at women and how maybe dressing nice like the woman in the picture will give them power over men because of how nice they would look with that companies clothes or whatever they sell.

Bass Pro Shops Advertisement


This photo is an advertisement for Bass Pro Shops, a fishing and outdoor sports store.  I chose this picture because I love to fish and this picture has a lot of meaning in it.  The visual perspective is displayed by the grass blades’ relationship to the man in the boat.  It gives you a sense that the picture was taken from a distance and at a lower angle since it is almost looking up at the boat and fisherman.  The sun and the horizon that is far off give another perspective of how open and remote the area he is in actually is and that creates a sense of calmness and peace.  Another thing that I thought was interesting was the fact that the man is silhouetted.  It creates the idea that it could be anyone, including yourself in that boat catching the big fish.  That is one thing that makes this a good advertisement. The fact that the man is silhouetted makes all the other colors from the sun and the clouds and the reflection off the water pop more.  I think that there could be two different perspectives in this picture. The first one is the idea that you’re the one who is in the boat catching the fish and I think that is the more figurative perspective.  The other perspective is that you could be on the shore fishing from there, where the picture is being taken.  I think that it definitely gives a sense of realism because this is a real life sport or hobby that people pursue.