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“Remembering 9-11” BY: Cathy Johnson–An Artist’s Journal

This painting of the September 11th event reminded me a lot of concepts from the first half of the course. From observing this painting one feels sadness and in many ways emptiness. I would say that the connoted image falls in line with the grief and emotions that became symbolic to when many think of September 11th. What Barthes would call the signifier’s would include the gray colors that consume most of the body of the picture, the girl seeming to be crying in the middle, and the two figures looking away and down. Interpellation  is also conveyed in the way the painting grabs the viewer. The smoke and fire from the building is so captivating and symbolizing a destruction or catastrophe. Their is no life in the painting, one may see three individuals but they seem to have no set body. Everything about them looks transparent, as if they are no longer human and possibly disconnected from their body in a ghost form. I would argue that this image calls for someone to care, and remember the grief. . Their bodies look attached as if they are one but their pain and grief is different, meaning their suffering is not the same. I think the artist of this painting made the twin towers in the back not as clear as the three individuals because the twin towers could always be rebuilt, but the people and the lives will not come back.          Sept 11 image


Three ways of combining science!

Three ways of combining science!

This may be a stretch and I am not a physics major or into science but this caught my eye. This photo captures the concept of dance, science, and photography in one snap shot. Professionals from Yale University are doing a project on a new discovery of the particle consistent with the ” Higgs Boson”. This is an understanding of the Higgs field which ” endows all matter with mass, what gives our Universe substance”. BRIEF CONTEXT
This photo was clearly produced to convey a new scientific concept through the powerful means of photography. The visualization of this can give off the idea of doing multiple things at once ( ballet, physics, and the motion of her body), and than wondering how is science related.
Positivism is based on finding the right answers and this new idea is still being tackled for Scientists and Physicists. This photo is shaping our belief of how we can do everyday activities maybe even at once through a belief and culture of a fast past society. Her body speaks the fitness of her arms doing different activities ( one writing on the board, and another in a dance position). One could argue that her feet are probably pointed up due to a ballet move. However, this captured in a photo influences questions to this new finding of Scientist.
Interpretations can easily vary, especially the way one researches this new Scientific finding.

Salvador Dali ” Persistence of Memory” twist

miley twerking

In this oil on canvas painting by Salvador Dali in 1931 the theme one could argue is time and possibly the stillness. The landscape seems quiet and not full of motion. The three clocks are in an awkward position with no perfect recognition of the time or the hands moving. One then sees what seems to be ants on the bottom left corner, swarming on an object. This also indicates time and possibly the amount of time these items have been placed their. However, before one even looks at Miley Cyrus twerking ( which is impossible not to0) the picture itself already portrays confusion. The setting of this picture does not seem tropical but dry, things seem unreal and out of their formal context except for the landscape in the background. It seems as if the function of this image is to play off the idea of reality. Time zones or going off of the title ” The Persistence Of Memory”.

Now Miley being the only noticeable human in the picture is not fully clothed, and doing her famous Video Music Award Performance on a poll or tree stump. It is very out of place but also mocking our culture today. Makes one wonder about their memory alone, or what our society wants us to remember. The idea that things are not calm and possibly peaceful, Miley becomes the only object that is not still. Miley is indeed representing our time and culture. As mentioned in Sturken and Cartwright, Cultural appropriation is changing the meaning of cultural products, slogans, images, or elements of fashion”(83). This certainly changes the idea of all these elements, the original picture does not even hold the same meaning. Instead one sees the idea of a double meaning of reality in an unusual slow state and then modern reality now.

Kanye West By: Borbay

Kanye West  By: Borbay

This painting of Kanye West caught my eye for many different reasons. Some may call Kanye an iconic figure, or over the years some may have become truly disgusted with his actions. Either way one looks at it, hands down Kanye is a part of our visual culture, no matter how one depicts him. While first looking at this picture I got intrigued by the black glasses and if one looks very closely his red eyes. Kanye is not represented in this painting as your classic rapper. Instead he has a suit on that looks clean and has a nice sophisticated look. Next one cannot help but to realize the linguistic message with all the words in the background. Standing out to me was pulse, killer, abominable, groupies, psycho, monster, fear, just to name a few. We see this lightness around his face and then to the corners of the painting getting darker, the color of black. The intended function of this image could be to say what Kanye West is not , or possibly to portray this double meaning of him. The target on our right side looking at the picture but his left seems to me like a bullet target. Is someone out to get him? Or is he being constantly watched? I feel as if Mirzoeff would look at this as a political tactic, where Kanye is the target. This image is certainly a tool for the powerful, even Kanye looks powerful. However, the people as Mirzoeff mentions had to instill some of these concepts to give the painter this idea. I choose this picture and found it on google. I wanted a controversial topic in our culture today and I felt the words and color truly spoke out to this image.