Author: stpalo

Desean Jackson

Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles

This is one of the many pictures that I stumbled upon when using Twitter on Monday and Tuesday. This was shown on Twitter because the Philadelphia Eagles released wide receiver Desean Jackson and the Washington Redskins became very interested. Pictures like this were shown all of the mass media source of Twitter and it was blowing up everywhere. The mass media in this picture and the article to go along with it definitely mattered to to the sports community because it was such a big deal. Desean Jackson was one of the best wide receivers on the Philadelphia Eagles and this deal was really causing controversy. The Eagles reasoning behind is was that the Eagles think that Desean may have had gang affiliations in the LA area and they wanted no part of that on their football team. He is a very good player so the Washington Redskins decided they would take a a chance on his great talents and try to work out a deal. All of this not only mattered to the sports community but mainly the fans of the Eagles. Desean has been a great player for the Eagles over the past few years so this was a tough player to lose. He was making a lot of big plays for the Eagles and really fit into their new system. Everyone was very surprised about the release of Desean because he just came off of his best season so far in the NFL.



Nike Trainer One


While looking at any piece of clothing or equipment that has the Nike logo on it many people point the the ideologies of health and fitness to go along with them. After all, Nike is one of the most popular fitness brands out there. After looking at this add for Nike training shoes you can really see the connoted messages in it. For example, as soon as you look at it, the giant bold words jump right out at you saying “The ultimate quick fix.” This is to be interpreted that if you train with these shoes then you will become fit much faster. Also the smaller print below the shoes tells the consumer that the shoes make your muscles perform the way they are supposed to and therefore make you get fit faster. When looking at the actual shoes themselves they give off a great look to the consumer. It makes it seem like they are a very cool shoe to wear and everyone is wearing these Nike training shoes. This add is symbolizing hard work and dedication. The basic message is that if you work hard then the shoe will work better than any other one a person has worn. Nike is trying to get the point across that by using their products then you will overall achieve success in your fitness goals much faster.