Blog Guidelines

The class has been divided into three groups:

Group 1: Last name beginning with the letters A-G

Group 2: Last name beginning with the letters H-Mc

Group 3: Last name beginning with the letters Me-Z

During weeks that blogging is required, the instructor will post prompts on this page by Monday. Student posts are due on Friday by 3pm. Comments are due by the following Sunday at 6pm. Everyone should read the blog between 6pm Sunday and class on Monday at 1:30pm. (For example, for week 2, Group 1 posts by January 31, Group 2 comments by February 2, and everyone reads before class on February 3).

Posts should be 250-300 words. Comments should be 100-200 words. The blog posts and comments will be graded so you should demonstrate thoughtful engagement with the materials and your colleagues’ writing. Blog writing will be graded on a scale from 0-3 (Rubric adapted from Dr. Joseph M. Adelman, Framingham State University):

3   Excellent. The blog post is focused and coherent. It successfully integrates visual evidence and displays original and creative insights. It goes beyond simple summary or description to focus on argument and/or analysis.

2   Satisfactory. The blog post goes beyond simple summary or description but argument and/or analysis is not fully developed or is secondary. It usually integrates visual evidence with analysis and shows some indications of original and creative insights, though they are not fully developed.

1   Limited. The blog post shows little student engagement with the topic, simply rehashes previous comments, consists mostly of speculation not grounded in visual description and contains little new evidence, analysis, or insight.

0   No credit. The blog post is missing or consists of incomplete sentences.

Each person will post four times and comment four times, and will have the option to drop the lowest grade in each case.


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