Michael Jackson, 1992 by Jean-Claude Deutsch

Michael Jackson, 1992 by Jean-Claude Deutsch

I found this photo that I have seen a numerous times on an old facebook post one of my friends made. This is a photo of Michael Jackson in 1992 in Libreville Gabon. This is around the time of his Dangerous World Tour. I like this pic because getting on top of the car or busting through the sunroof to acknowledge fans was a common Michael Jackson move, but now the fan base is seemingly all old, high class, African men. Not a women in sight. It is interesting to see that the only people who had a chance to see Michael, or get close to his car, were middle aged men in business attire. Some people are trying to touch him with their finger tips and it looks like some are even trying to make contact with the hand making the peace sign. The two men in the back give it a political type feel because they make me think of secret service agents watching over an important person. This photo reminds me of the egalitarian values that he emphasized us to embrace during his life, which is why I like this photo.


Blind Spot Troubles?

Blind Spot Troubles?

I was interested in the Mercedes Benz advertisement we analyzed in class and I did some googling into more Mercedes Benz commercials. This particular advertisement intrigued me because it was an illusion that served their purpose perfectly. It is so ingenious but so simple at the same time. It is saying the driver of a Mercedes Benz with “blind spot assistance” can look to the side without actually looking, like the illusion displays. The target audience for this advertisement would be older adults that have trouble turning their body to look to their blind spot or adults with children and need the extra assistance. The denotative meaning of this advertisement is that Mercedes Benz is now offering blind spot assistance. The connotative meaning of this advertisement is, if you are having trouble turning to your blind spot or have a rowdy family and need that extra help Mercedes Benz can help you.

Land o Fakes

Land o Fakes

While searching through interesting photos on the internet I stumbled across this image of the famous Land of Lakes butter. Clearly this image is using cultural appropriation and making fun of the Indian and American Population in a way. I thought that this image was really funny because everyone know what it is suppose to say on the label but it clearly does not as it says fakes instead of lakes. Also on the bottom of this image there is the word Bitter written across which could be referring to bitter butter but most likely that native Americans are bitter about Americans and us taking over America. It also has a native American man praying kneeling down and it looks like with an American Flag wrapped around him. Clearly this is showing how the American way has overtaken the native American way in this image and that is why it says Land o Fakes because it is portraying as Americans as fake people or bad people for taking the land. Also using Bitter, on the bottom is clearly giving that impression that most native American people are still bitter about what has happened in our history so they are using this famous label of butter that everyone knows about to get back at us. As this image is clearly meant to give the audience a laugh at the same time it has a bit of seriousness to it about the past of America. Originally before this class I would have probably just looked right over this image and not payed close attention to it and the underlying meaning it has but now from taking Art 100 I am able to see a deeper understanding of what images like these can mean and how powerful words can be when displayed with a powerful image.

Classical Lego Works of Art

Classical Lego Works of Art

Marco Pece is an artist that uses appropriation to put a new spin on old classical works of art and film. This image shown here is an appropriated image of the Mona Lisa. Marco uses lego piece to recreate famous works of art and scenes from movies. In an interview when asked why use legos Marco responded because it brings a sense of youth to a high culture and classical time. Pece stated “Everything flows from appropriating the world of art, to revitalizing and transforming its grandeur and pompous style in the simplicity and directness of the message.” Appropriation is taking a preexisting piece of art and using those aspects from that work to create another work of art that can be connected back to the original work. Since this image is compelling a more fun and playful approach at the Mona Lisa I would say that I think this is a sense of parody. Since this work of art is created with the use of lego pieces, there is an element of humor in this photo even though the Mona Lisa painting has been copied and appropriated on dozens of different occasions. Some people may think that since the Mona Lisa is to over done that this image exhibits more pastiche than parody, but ultimately like most things in the art world it us up to the viewer and what that spectator gains from reading concealed clues given by works of art.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Vogue photo shoot w/ North West

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Vogue photo shoot w/ North West

This morning I saw this photo of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and their 8 month old baby girl, North West on the Complex Magazine’s page on twitter. Kim and Kanye recently had the privilege of being on Vogue’s cover page, but the real focus of the photo shoot was North. I chose this photo because I enjoyed the solace in Kanye’s face while holding his child. Usually the media has stories about Kanye’s aggression to report, but here we get a refreshing look at a content and seemingly unstressed Kanye, which I think North should get the credit for. I found this picture on Complex Magazine’s twitter page, which has 351.7k followers, so many people got to see these photos. Those who are not familiar with social media most likely saw the photos in Vogue’s actual magazine issue in a grocery store, gas station, or convenience store. Through this photo shoot, people are able to see how Kanye, Kim, and North appear and function as a family. Both Kanye and Kim always seem to be the focus of the paparazzi, which Kim seems to like more than Kanye, and this photo shoot broadens their platform to establish themselves as the power couple they want to be viewed as by the masses.

Manziel Twitter Craze

Manziel Twitter Craze

I accessed Twitter Tuesday morning and saw this picture come across my timeline. It is a picture of Johnny Manziel throwing a ball during his pro day. This picture is unique because his pro day was march 27th but even five days later people are still going crazy about Manziel having an impression pro day performance. His audience even included former president George Bush. The media which was twitter is definitely defined as mass media. The twitter handle, NFL, which published Manziel’s photo has 6.19 million followers so 6.19 million people had the potential to view this photo and retweet it so their friends had the potential to view it too. Under McLuhan’s definition this media matters because it had the potential to amplify a human sense.